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Lisa Rinna Fitness Routine: Dance it off

First of all, you've got to see this! She's sure got the moves and she can lead! Watch the Lisa Rinna exercise routine below... She's goooood!

She produced a series of Dance routine fitness DVDs after her stint on Dancing with the Stars. (See below for the others). The Lisa Rinna fitness secret is simply to dance yourself fit! 

So is it actually a good fitness program? As a workout, this is an easy-to-follow, fun way to ‘dance off’ those extra inches. Lisa is out in front demonstrating and leading the routines. She begins by breaking down the short routine. Then it’s intensified by variations in speed-  slow, medium and fast. So once you get the hang of the moves initially, you’re away with it! Overall, the big plus is that it’s easy to keep up. She breaks down the steps for each section and they’re repeated over and over at accelerated speeds. It builds up your heart rate and the repetition of the moves gets those muscles working!

Lisa Rinna DWTS

She made these workout DVDs after her time on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) when she realised how dancing can get you in shape and make you feel amazing. 

"I think the highlight for me was the body that I got while doing it. It was pretty nice," she admitted. "The by-product of that show is you just get in the most amazing shape of your life and you feel so good. And especially after having two kids, you never really think your body is going to get back to what it was before, and that show does that."

Lisa Rinna exercise Routine?

No gym equipment, no heavy lifting, no expensive classes… if Lisa Rinna’s body is anything to go by, dancing is an effective, positive, fun way to get in shape. Get the DVD and do the Lisa Rinna workout… not only will you dance your way to fitness, but you’ll have fun!

Lisa Rinna body

See the full set in the series produced below...

Here's another video you might enjoy - good fun - the sound subsides near the end but you'll get most of it...

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