gretchen rossi red dress

Gretchen Rossi inspired dresses

If you follow Gretchen Rossi on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this photo. I was recently searching on Amazon and came across a similar dress – red, extra long and a big split! 

I immediately thought of Gretchen’s helicopter shoot. I went on Facebook to see which ones best matched Gretchen’s. The things we start searching for when we’re meant to be doing something useful! 

Anyway, with all that searching, I thought I would share my findings with you. Sure if you’re off on a helicopter trip anytime soon, you just might need one! LOL

See my selection of dresses inspired by this Gretchen Rossi photo below. You’ll notice one in teal at the end… the color just caught my eye and I just had to include it. 

Long Sleeve V-Neck Wrap
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Long Spaghetti Straps V Neck
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Long Halter with Pockets Spaghetti Straps…
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Satin off-shoulder
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…..and after all that I bought this one… in Teal!
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